What Our Patients Say About Our Dental Services

"Thanks to Dr. Philson I am for the first time in a very long time headache and myofacial pain free. With a bite adjustment and laser treatments, the pain in my face, neck and shoulder has improved greatly and the headache is finally gone."

- Faye V.
"From my 1st visit to Dr. Philson dentistry I have felt at ease and very well cared for. The doctor and staff have gone out of their way to make every visit comfortable and stress free. The laser used before every invasive procedure was wonderful and the procedures were entirely painless."

- Kim D.
"Dr. Philson and his staff provide incredibly gentle and effective dental services – I am pain free due to Dr. Philson's expertise. I highly recommend him and his amazing staff!"

- Terri T.
"I use the EMA Appliance Snore Guard. I give my full and complete endorsement to this product. I developed a horrible snoring problem and it looked like I was going to have to get a sleep study, get an expensive machine and spend lots of money to cure my problem. Dr. Philson recommended the product snore guard. This product saved my life! My wife was going to kill me because my snoring was driving her crazy. Because of Snore Guard I kept my wife's name out of the police blotter and saved her years of prison time. I now no longer snore and I saved a ton of money avoiding expensive sleep studies and machines. Thank you Dr. Philson!"

- Tim B.
"I started going to Dr. Philson in 1990. He's been my dentist ever since. Dr. Philson and his staff are friendly, caring and very professional. Dr. Philson has upgraded his equipment over the years to change with new technology to make it comforting to get my dental work done. He has taken care of me, my wife and our two boys and we love going to the dentist with Dr. Philson."

- Dave F.